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What's coming in contact with your skin?

Posted on July 10, 2014 at 9:55 PM

A conversation with a client about her recent vacation gave me insight to another way to talk about the risks from the toxins in typical hair color products and why I’m committed to the Organic Color System line of products.


After recounting her wonderful vacation the client shared the pet care problem she had to handle before heading off for two weeks. Her 18 year old cat needs to get a medication. The client knew the cat wouldn’t allow the house/cat sitter to open the cat’s mouth, tilt back her head and pop a pill down her throat – twice a day. And, mixing a crushed pill into food doesn’t work because there are 2 others cats in the house and they all share.


The client’s veterinarian recommended using the medication in a cream form. And this is what got my attention. The cat sitter would stroke the cream on the inside of the cat’s ear and it would be absorbed into her body. Contact with the skin delivers the medication. Contact with the skin . . .


Bells went off in my head. If something good for your body can enter through the skin, the same is true of something harmful. Your skin doesn’t know whether what it comes in contact with is for your benefit or harm. Your skin is permeable. It lets it all in. So, you need to take care and eliminate all the toxins you can – including hair color toxins – from entering your body.


I’m so happy to have another way to talk about the risks from typical hair color products and how to avoid it with the Organic Color System products.


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