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About Us

The Jade Organic Salon Experience

The goals and passions of  Jade Organic Salon  are aligned with our owner and creator, Cherise Morello-Pons.  When her daughter, Mia, was diagnosed with a rare and chronic blood disorder, Cherise felt she was called to pursue a holistic solution and wellness plan in an effort to save her child's life. In pursuing alternative medicine, avoiding chemo against the odds, she was astonished at how Mia's body responded to natural remedies. Cherise, a cosmetologist for over 30 years, continued to research organic products and methods within the beauty industry to provide a healthier approach for her clients' hair care needs as well as for her own health concerns using caustic chemicals.


Organic Color Systems

Conventional permanent hair color contains toxins including Ammonia, Parabens, and Resourcinol. These ingredients, over extended usage, create dermal hypersensativity, while deminishing the respiratory and endocrine systems of clients and industry professionals. Jade Organic Salon is proud to feature the industry's #1 certified organic permanent hair color system, Organic Color Systems, to create beautiful natural tones and exciting fashion colors through certified organic ingredients. All of our artists are Certified Organic Colorist through Organic Color Systems.

100% Ammonia Free ~ 100% Paraben Free ~  

100% Vegan ~ Certified Organic!

All of our organic products allow our professionals to unleash their creativity while redefining your inner and outer beauty without compromising the integrity of our craft, our clients' health, the environment, or our planet! 

Creativity and Environmental Responsibility

Jade Organic Salon spotlights educational workshops and community informational events. The variety of topics include Alternative Healing Modalities, and Organics For Healthful Living. Please see any Jade staff member for details.

"Green" Initiatives

At Jade Organic Salon we put our words into action through our

care for the environment.  Please check out our "Green" Initiatives

web page for information on all of our activities.   

Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

We recommend waiting to dye your hair until after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the risk of chemical substances harming the baby is much lower.  We leave the color on for the minimum time as well as making sure all areas are well ventilated.  Using "Off the scalp" techniques for lightening is also a way to make dying safer.  Sensitivity tests will be required for all pregnant/nursing clients.  It is very unlikely chemicals will be passed along through breast milk.   Wait 4 weeks to dye after giving birth, and always start with a semi permanent dye, using the "Off the scalp" method.   

To contact Jade Organic Salon please call 267-460-8307